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Our dog Begley was turning 6 years old and our daughter was so excited to have a birthday party for him. She wanted to do a photo shoot and give him a cake too. I like to make her dreams come true so we did just what she wished for. I also found this amazing children's book online that puts your childs name and pets name into the book and creates a story about them. LuLou loved it and I think Begley did too. The quality of the book is amazing and the story is super cute too. Here is the website for the book! #Petlandia #Petphotography #Dogphotography #ChildPhotography


My daughter was obsessed with Rapunzel for a long time. When we went to Disneyland we promised her a Rapunzel dress. That was a year ago and her beautiful dress is starting to get too small so I had to take some photos of her in it before it was too late. I found this amazing digital backdrop and photographed her in my studio. This is the result! #Rapunzel #ChildPhotography

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