Beauty & The Beast

My little girl loves Belle and everything Disney Princess. With the new Beauty & the Beat movie coming into theatres we had to do a few

Dream Catcher

My little LuLou has been complaining about having bad dreams lately. Talking with her one in bed I decided we should make a dream catcher. We went to Micheals and got a wooden embroidery ring and thankfully I had everything else at home in my tickle trunk to make it. I didn't used the normal suede rope as it's really pricey! Supplies: - wooden embroidery ring (size depends on your_ - yarn - beads - feathers - glue gun I watched this tutorial on how to do the web. Mine didn't turn exactly like that but that's okay. Each one can be unique! Video: The nice thing about the video is that it also talks about what a Dream catcher is and so LuLou got t

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