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It's the wrinkles in the feet, 

the bright baby eyes and giggles. It's when I capture the moment a couple says I do and then down the road the loving arms around a pregnant belly, then a month later meet the newborn for the first time.

When all three kids dog pile on Dad

and then Mom joins in.


These are the moments I live for.
The ones that inspire me.

My Story

After 16 years in business and more than 100 weddings, so many babies I can't even count and hundreds of families, I still love to be a part of each milestone, creating images that will be cherished for a lifetime.  


I have been a photographer since 2006 and one of the nicest compliments I get is when families return to me time and again.  I love that I have been able to watch families grow.  Having parents tell me their kids are excited for their photo shoot brings a huge smile to my face. When I get high fives and hugs...I know I'm doing a great job.  


My Philosophy
 "Every beginning starts with a smile"


I am an accredited Professional Photographer of Canada, but more importantly as your photographer, I am here to help you celebrate your life’s milestones – whatever milestone makes you smile. I believe capturing memories should make your day more memorable and more enjoyable.


I also believe that in a digital age, photos are not just for hanging on the wall, but for sharing and creating. I’m constantly amazed by the creativity of my clients and how they choose to use and display my artwork.


Getting your photo taken shouldn’t be awkward and boring; it should be relaxing and fun! In a comfortable, professional studio located in Westhills, I keep an assortment of hats, headbands, wraps – all the props you may need for a newborn session.  Each holiday season I also hold sessions to capture the holiday spirit.


My Family


I am not only inspired by your photographic moments, I am also inspired by my photographic moments. I am professional photographer, mom, homeschool teacher and chauffeur. The money I earn from this job helps pay for my kiddos skating, circus, and travel.  This is my only job and I feel so lucky that after 16 years I'm still doing it and still love it.  


After 4 years of struggling through fertility treatments, our baby girl was conceived through IVF and born in 2012.  So many people I meet think I started photographing babies because of her. The truth is it has always been the favourite part of my job. Every baby I met during our struggle and before having our daughter was a beautiful reminder of what we were working so hard to achieve. My family is part of my photographic life – my partners and also my inspiration.

Now that my daughter is older you will find her now helping out during a photoshoot.
She is great with a walkie-talkie and making kids smile.


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