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"Pandemic through a child's eyes"

As I write this we have started week 9 of self isolation here in Victoria, BC. I think sometimes I'm still in shock that this has all happened. But it seems like we may be slowly and steadily coming to an end...our kids can voluntarily go back to school in a few weeks...stores may open? Parks? It's exciting and also scary.

For now I keep Dr. Bonnie Henry's words in my heart and mind.

"This is not forever this is just for now."

We are doing really well here on Vancouver Island but it's still scary and we still need to take precautions. Over the last few weeks my kiddo and I have documented what this time has meant to her. I will admit I have enjoyed our time. Most of it anyway. LOL

I have enjoyed the slowing down, not running from activity to activity and the drop off and pick ups from school....and the dreaded school lunches! I have enjoyed all the art, baking, movies and outdoor playtime we have had. But all of that is still exhausting in it's own way. As she's an only child it means I am mom, best friend and teacher. She wants me to watch her do everything and so I do because I fear that she will feel lonely during this time. I know I have. My husband is still working and some of the time he is away. I'm thankful he is working and while I'm used to being home with my kiddo in the summers and other school breaks I'm also used to being able to have playdates and mom dates and well just being able to take her to the playground or beach or the museum! And even though I love all the art she is doing, watching a child paint yet another picture, well it's like watching paint dry literally. Love her to bits but OMG she isn't giving me much 'me time.'

So my reward for doing all the 'kid' stuff is doing the photoshoots that I create in my head while I am watching her paint dry.

I really hope these photos show what it feels like to be a kid during a pandemic. I hope the images portray what we are all feeling and what your kids might be feeling as well. I'm thankful she is truly doing well and we are enjoying our time together but man does this suck. I really hope that a year from now we all can look back at this time and remember the glimpses of fun we had with our kids and families. I hope the world doesn't start up again full speed.

Honestly if I could keep her home forever I would...

Please click the images to enlarge. Please share this post too as that helps me and my business stay a float during these crazy times.

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