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  • Mary Jane Howland

Dream Catcher

My little LuLou has been complaining about having bad dreams lately.

Talking with her one in bed I decided we should make a dream catcher. We went to Micheals and got a wooden embroidery ring and thankfully I had everything else at home in my tickle trunk to make it. I didn't used the normal suede rope as it's really pricey!


- wooden embroidery ring (size depends on your_

- yarn

- beads

- feathers

- glue gun

I watched this tutorial on how to do the web. Mine didn't turn exactly like that but that's okay. Each one can be unique!


The nice thing about the video is that it also talks about what a Dream catcher is and so LuLou got to hear this. She helped pick out the beads and the feathers and we put this little thing together.

The next morning she woke up and was super excited that it had worked! She said this to me while is doing her hair.

"Mommy, when I'm an adult and my kids are in their room in their bunk beds. Could I take my dream catcher and put it in their room so they won't have bad dreams?" I said of course you can. So you want to have 2 kids. "Yes mommy, can we make another dream catcher so both kids will have one."

Oh my heart. I love my little girl.

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