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  • Mary Jane Howland

The Making of Maleficent

This photo shoot was so much fun and also so stressful. It was probably the hardest one we have ever done to date. Working with smoke bombs and a five year old…well just picture it. And yup it happened!

She was so excited to be Maleficent. When we saw the costume at the Disney Store we both got so excited.

The smoke was interesting, especially when you ad wind to the mix. It only goes off for about 90 seconds, so we did not have a lot of time to get photos with the smoke in the background. She kept looking at the smoke…I mean she is 5 what did I excpect! Then the wind would kick up right at that exact same moment and either blow it away or blow it all over her and then she would freak out! “I can’t breath, I can’t see.” Poor kid!

Even though it was hard. Lighting it was hard. Dealing with the wind was hard. Dealing with a 5 year old is always hard. But man did she rock the photos. When she gets into character she really does it well. She was actually worried she would scare people because of how she looked.

I am loving these photos. They turned out exactly how I had envisioned them.

Enjoy! My little girl as Maleficent!

Be sure to watch the video too!

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