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  • Mary Jane Howland

Ear Piercing!

We had a big day in our house yesterday. Our little girl got her ear's pierced. She has wanted this for ages and we finally let it happen. I did a lot of reading on where to go and what was safe.

I had heard about a place downtown Victoria that specialized in body piercing. I figured if they can pierce those special delicate body parts then my daughters ear lobe would be easy peasy! I wanted a specialist, not just a teenager who has had an hour of training. I had also heard a few horror stories from friends about kids getting their ears done at other places in town and I just did not want that experience with my kiddo.

So off we went to Elemental Body Adornment downtown Victoria for a meet and greet consultation. I will admit I felt nervous and a little out of place. But Corey was amazing! He spoke directly to my daughter, asked her questions, got her to look in the mirror and pick out her favourite earrings. It was adorable to be honest. I also love that they required her consent to do this. I had to bring ID for her as well to the appointment. He showed her all the instruments they would use for he piercing and explained how it all was going to work. She didn't want to leave without earrings but I explained we had to come back, that this was Corey's rule.

So we made the appointment for a week later and here we are...she has her ears piereced.

My daughter walked in like she owned the place. She was goofy and wiggly and Corey was so calm and patient with her. But when it came time for the big tapers she lay there perfectly still, holding her Georgie of course. (He still comes everywhere with us when she might need to squeeze something.)

They first put on the antiseptic cleaner which they told her was BBQ sauce. She thought that was hilarious! Then they put the forceps on each ear and got her ready.

She's ready!

Those big eyes..this was the moment the tapers went through. They bugged right out of her head! But she didn't move a muscle. She held it and she breathed through the pain.

A small smile. She knows it's almost over.

Me...almost dying cause look at those tapers in her ears!

The first look! She is so happy!

I think she took 100 selfies on my phone on the way home. She is so proud of herself and so happy. I look at her and she looks like she's always had them.

I can't thank Corey and his counterpart so much. They made her feel so comfortable and she felt hardly any pain. The entire experience was really wonderful. I would recommend anyone wanting to get a piercing done on themselves or on especially on a child to head to this great Victoria Downtown Business. Experience and safety is worth every penny!

I have included two links below to Health Link BC which has some good information. Health Link BC - 1

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