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  • Mary Jane Howland

Violet - Incredibles 2

This summer Incredibles 2 came out and it was fantastic. My kiddo and I along with two of her good friends headed to the local theatre to watch the movie on a rainy summer afternoon. The girls kept fighting over which character they were in the was quiet funny to be honest.

But in the end my daughter wanted to be Violet. We set out to find a costume so we could do another epic photoshoot. The interesting thing was all the costumes for Violet came with a skirt. Well even at just 6 years old my daughter knew that wasn't right. "Mom, Violet doesn't wear a skirt so why does the costume have skirt? I want the right one. Can we order it on Amazon?" We sure can kiddo! We've taught her well.

So we popped onto and found the perfect Violet costume. The bodysuit with tall boots and NO SKIRT!

We already had a black wig (not sure why) so we were set.

This photo shoot was so much fun. She practised jumping in the air and trying to 'hold' the pose. She rocked it! We even found a baby Jack Jack for her push in a stroller. (Thank you Coco!) Violet always seems to be baby-sitting JackJack in the movie so it was fitting to have him as part of the shoot as well.

Enjoy the photos! We had a lot of fun creating them and I know my little superhero is loving looking at them with wide did you put those flames in there mommy? Where did you find those buildings mommy?

Love this kid!

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