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Covid19 - Update

I sent this message out to my distribution list a few weeks ago when this all started. I can't believe I am still having to keep my studio closed. I had hoped so much that this would only last a few weeks. But sadly this might be a bit more long is my hope that when Dr. Bonnie Henry says it's okay that I can at least offer outdoor sessions. So stay tuned and be ready to jump! When I can offer sessions again I will book in as many as I possibly can to make up for lost time.

Original email....

Sent March 23, 2020

As you can imagine, I am not offering photography services until it is deemed safe to do so.   Between now and then while you are at home please watch my Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube channel.  My kiddo and I are going to try and entertain ourselves and you with some fun projects.   I hope to work on some personal projects and get some blogging done to keep me busy.  You know all those things I never have time for because I'm so happily working on all of your photos and memories.  Cause those have always come first for me.  And I say this with total sadness that I'm not able to do what I love for all of you right now. During this time I do suggest taking photos.  Document how you spent your time with your children and families. Years from now when they are older than can look back and say "Remember that time we didn't go to school for months! And my parents worked at home and all I did was harass them for snacks!" I have told my daughter that in 20 years she will be reading about this as part of her history.  I'm trying my best to not let her see my stress.  Today we made a time capsule.  She wrote a letter about how old she was, what was her favourite tv show, book and song and what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She wrote about what was going on with this virus right now in her own words and her feelings about it.  She drew a picture of our family and we will include some newspaper clippings we print off from the internet.  Years from now this will be pretty neat to look back on.  The history that we are living right now. So make the memories.  It's all we have. Tidy up your living room (or don't LOL) and take a family photos with your iPhone.  All that matters is you took it.  Take one tidy and one with all the laundry and the toys and chaos that is actually happening in your house right now. I have been asked a few times if I will be doing the #frontporchprojet and while yes I do think it's a neat concept I feel strongly that this is sending the wrong message.  The Government wants us to stay home.  To not interact with anyone outside of our household.  So I truly feel that walking from house to house even if I have my long lens and stand 10 feet away I still feel like this is the opposite of what the Government wants us to be doing right now.  The Professional Photographers of Canada Association has also advised all photographers to stop all sessions involving people. So what I will be doing is staying home and taking photos of my daughter.  Maybe in a few weeks when we know more about this virus and things are slowing down maybe then I will consider doing this initiative or something similar. This year started off with the passing of a dear friend and a woman that touched so many in the Victoria area.  One evening I stayed up late putting together a memorial book for her family using all the photos from our 12 + photoshoots we'd done over the years.  It was heartbreaking to put this together...but I also felt so happy that I had these photos.  That her children have them to look back on.   So take the photos.  Write down the memories and the stories. I may even be brave and so some Facebook Live videos!  If I do please log in with me and cheer me on.  I hate public speaking so I will be very awkward and nervous.  But I gotta keep busy! In a job where I work from home...alone, the moments I have with you during photoshoots mean everything to me.  You are all my coworkers.  You are all my friends and I hope we can all help each other get through this crazy heartbreaking time. Stay home.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy. Stay calm. The kids will be fine.  You will be fine.  I will be fine. With love, Mary Jane Here is our first video!   Click the links below to make sure you are following me on social media!

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