• Maternity - Studio

    Maternity Session Details - contact me for pricing information 


    Studio Maternity Sessions are a wonderful way to celebrate and capture your baby bump.


    I have a variety of gowns for you to wear during your session so you don't have to spend extra money on this.


    I always welcome an encourage spouses and children to be part of the session if you wish.

    Complimentary black and white conversions are also included.


    Session Fee - $99 + tax

    Image Collecitons start at $149 + tax



    • Booking

      I book maternity sessions during the last trimester of your pregnancy.  Generally between 33 and 36 weeks is best.  It's best to contact me during your second trimester to secure your session.
      I have a selection of dresses that you can borrow for your session.  I also know of great vendors that you can have custom dresses made.


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