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  • Mary Jane Howland

Beauty & The Beast

I grew up loving everything Disney. My second favourite Disney movie as a little girl was Beauty & The Beast. I think it was the music. I loved singing it, dancing to it and when I got old enough learning to play the main song on the piano.

When I heard about the new live action movie remake I was so excited. I can't wait to see it and have my little girl sitting beside me. I'm hoping it isn't too scary for her but most things don't scare her! LOL

So in preparation for the movie premier today we had to do a photoshoot...or two. This took a few months to put together. First I found a beast doll on VaragSale but he was missing his coat. I handed him over to Tina of Baubles & Bijou and she created the most perfect coat for him.


Next came the most important pieces....the dresses. We needed two for the beautiful Belle. The iconic gold ball gown and the classic blue & white peasant dress. My amazingly talented cousin Alice designed and made these two dresses for my little girl.

Check out her website here: Alice Designs


Once all the pieces came together we set out to capture the images. This all took a few months to come together. But it did and my vision for my little girl came to fruition. A huge thank you to Russell Books as the perfect backdrop for some of the photos!